Membership Benefits

The SCPIA helps reduce time and costs for members. Members share ideas, suggestions and information about tenants, experiences, mortgages, insurances, problems, and achievements.

Membership Help

Being able to purchase services and products as a member at better prices is a key benefit of joining a Property Investors’ Association.

Members leave meetings with new fresh knowledge and ideas to make better informed decisions.

Property Management Membership Benefits

Industry Discounts

Members save hundreds of dollars yearly on 

  • Paint
  • Insurance
  • Debt recovery
  • Building materials
  • Tools
  • Interest

Knowledge and Skills

The rental business requires more than many realise. 

Members learn about; communications, tenancy law, record keeping, taxation, computers, political and market trends so they make wiser and more profitable decisions.

Avoiding Risky Tenants

Recidivist rent dodgers, illegal and anti social activities cause large losses for property investors. SCPIA helps members avoid these people.

Management Ideas

Members find better ways for

  • Using of time
  • Avoiding loss making tenants
  • Accessing better goods and services
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Record keeping
  • Financing
  • Measuring progress
  • Employing contractors
  • Communicating with tenants.

Q&A Sessions

During meetings, social events and conferences, members discuss issues share suggested solutions and experiences.

Members’ share their tenancy stories, make helpful contacts and discuss ideas to improve their rental businesses.

Debt Recovery

Tenants who owe unpaid rent etc make a significant avoidable cost for landlords.
The SCPIA helps members find and follow the most cost effective ways to recover debts using collecting agencies and the courts.

Tax Management

Taxation laws for rental properties are different from other businesses. They are soon to deal with ring-fencing and capital gains taxes.

Note: The SCPIA believes advice is best obtained from experienced professionals who are often invited as guest speakers. If seeking advice from the IRD, ensure it comes in a written format.


Forms, Letters, Agreements & Brochures

The renting business requires quality communication and good records.

Contributors include tenancy services, landlords associations the SCPIA, banks and courts.

The SCPIA has these compiled its own collections. These save time and helps avoid costly errors.

Expert Speakers

Meetings include successful industry experts who share ideas, experiences and knowledge. Subjects include

  • Tenancy tribunals
  • Court services
  • Products and special deals
  • Record keeping techniques
  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Security, safety
  • Market trends
  • Debt recovery methods
  • Buying and selling properties
  • Insurance specials
  • Finding new investments
  • IRD compliances and deductions
  • Changing tenancy law
  • Government policies
  • Meth infestation and avoidance
  • Tenant selection ideas
  • Property and rental market trends
  • Purchase opportunities

Voice for Landlords

The SCPIA’s national body (NZPIF) bats for landlords to government and media.

Local bodies, tenants, media and government must understand all the real costs and risks involved with the rental property business.

Motivation for Growth

Making long term commitments can be frightening. SCPIA supports members with information, networking and guest speakers.


You Don't Always Know What You Don't Know

Many investors think they have it right. Then, without warning, very costly events happen. With the right knowledge, skills, latest trends and support helps members avoid or reduce the effect of these events.



  • Links around twenty PIA’s
  • Provides latest news, advice and trends
  • Communicates with media and law makers
  • Organises annual conferences for all investors
  • Enables great discounts for paint, tools and building supplies.


Investors interested in joining the association are always welcome to visit us.

  • Caroline Bay meeting rooms
  • Specialist guest speakers
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Congenial supper for networking opportunities
  • Potential members welcomed

Check Our Website

Use the information available on our website to

  • Calculate the costs of your rental property
  • Find local market rents,
  • Look at past tribunal rulings
  • Explore tenancy law